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Jul 22

Jul 17


Barack Obama has attained a level of sassiness one can only dream of.

Holy shit it’s real.



Barack Obama has attained a level of sassiness one can only dream of.

Holy shit it’s real.

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Jul 14


This was quite a journey! I spent the better part of a day going back and forth with a guy that I was not entirely sure was for real at first, then I absolutely got fooled, and then I realized I got fooled. It was fun. The guy said some LEGITIMATELY funny stuff when he was “in character.” And it all ended in a way that I felt good about.

It’s pretty much all laid out in the screencaps, But let me elaborate here:

HEY YOUNG MEN! I know it seems like women complain a lot about how they are represented in media, including fiction, and how it seems like they want entertainment tailored specifically to them, and how they seem to want ALL of pop culture to be politically correct or feminist-ized or whatever it is you think they want, but really, what’s happening is that women are tired of seeing garbage women characters in most of our entertainment. And they’re wondering, Would it really be so much trouble to make more realized female characters? You could still have all your CGI and action and science fiction and drama and swords and stuff, but the female characters could be a little more fleshed out and interesting. And the entertainment would still be good and would, in fact, be better.

Guys, instead of  thinking, “Hey, not everything has to be politicized,” try thinking, “I wonder what it would be like for me if the situation were reversed, and how I’d feel if in the vast majority of the entertainment I consumed, the male characters were few and far between and then mostly used as talking props & plot devices. I wonder if I’d get kinda tired of that and occasionally I’d say something, even a little joke, just to ease the annoyance a little.”

Fellows. Listen to the women in your lives. Ask them questions. It will change your perspective for the better. Years ago, I got into a brief argument with two female friends of mine about a movie— it does not even matter which movie— that they viewed as sexist and I did not. I couldn;t even fathom how they could see it that way. I tried to argue that it was not sexist. In recounting our discussion to another party, it was pointed out to me that they might have a different viewpoint based on their life experiences, and that it was not for me to tell them that their interpretation was incorrect. And that I was probably getting defensive about it because if the movie was sexist, it followed that my liking it would make me appear sexist. And that’s when I realized that none of this was about me, and maybe I should shut up and listen and try to understand. And also to be more aware of things like this and develop not just my sympathy, but my empathy.

I will only ever be able to empathize so much with women, because my experience as a white male in America is vastly different from that of anyone who is not that. But I can relate to:

  • not being taken seriously
  • not being listened to
  • being dismissed
  • being condescended to
  • having something explained to me that I already understand

And I having had those experiences, I am now more inclined to TRY to understand where someone is coming from if they are telling me they are having a similar experience with our culture.

So guys: just try. You don’t even really have to dig that deep. Think about your own experiences as a person, then apply that to someone else. It gets easier the more you do it, and it makes your life better.

Anyway, I hear Dawn of The Planet of The Apes is pretty good! 

Jul 6


This point can never be repeated often enough.

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Jun 21

Jun 19

Dimm View of the News III - 6/19/2014

  • I have a chest cough and a sore throat from coughing. 
    • All I can do today.
    • Alexander Dimm… Talk to you soon.

Dimm View of the News II - 6/19/2014

  • American composer Johnny Mann left us Wednesday at 85 years.
    • Mann led the “Johnny Mann Singers” starting in the 1950s.
    • He hosted the syndicated variety series “Stand Up and Cheer” from 1971-1974.
    • Mann was the musical director for “The Alvin Show” and was the original voice of the chipmunk “Theodore”.

Dimm View of the News I - 6/19/2014

  • Hello friends!   
  • American lyricist Gerry Goffin left us today at 75 years.
    • Goffin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.
    • He wrote seven songs that went to number one on the billboard charts, including “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” with his then wife and writing partner Carole King.
    • He also wrote “Go Away Little Girl” that went to number one for both Steve Lawrence in 1962 and Donny Osmond in 1971.

Dimm View of the News V - 6/18/2014

  • The U.S. Patent Office has cancelled six trademarks belonging to the Washington National Football League team.
    • The Patent Office stated that the trademarks were offensive to Native Americans.
    • Since when does a football team get reprimanded for going on the offensive?
    • Actually, in this case, such a decision is long overdue. 
    • Atlanta?  Cleveland?  Are you listening?
  • Alexander Dimm… Talk to you soon.

Dimm View of the News IV - 6/18/2014

  • American author Daniel Keys also left us Sunday at 86 years.
    • Keys wrote the best-selling book “Flowers for Algernon”.
    • The book, “Flowers for Algernon” was written in 1959 for a magazine and released as an expanded novel in 1966. 
    • The book was adapted into the film “Charly” in 1968.
    • Keyes taught creative writing at Wayne State University and Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.

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